Podcast Episode #3 “Positive Perceptions of Jesus with Mark McCrindle”

Michael Calder interviews Mark McCrindle about his research about Australian openness to Jesus.

Episode summary: Mark McCrindle, a social researcher, discusses Australian culture and attitudes towards Christianity. He highlights the changing context and rising uncertainty in Australia, including economic challenges, loneliness, and mental health issues. Despite these challenges, there is still a sense of optimism and a desire for hope among Australians. McCrindle emphasizes the opportunity for the church to share a message of hope that goes beyond the temporal and offers something more trustworthy and secure. He dispels the notion that Australians despise Christianity, highlighting that the majority of Australians either identify with a religion or consider themselves spiritual. He also addresses the belief blockers for people, including hypocrisy, authoritarianism, and a sense of not belonging. However, he notes that there is warmth and support towards the local church and positive perceptions of Jesus. McCrindle encourages the church to be invitational, share personal stories of transformation, and extend warm invitations to others.

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