The Hope25 Story

Hope25 is a project of the Anglican Church Australia. The Standing Committee of General Synod identified Evangelism as one of its strategic priorities before the next General Synod. They requested the Mission and Ministry Commission to plan a season of Parish-based evangelism in 2025. Hope25 – Hope in an Uncertain World is that project.

February 2025 – diocesan delegates from across the nation formed the Hope25 Workshop to pray, dream and explore together.

March 2024 National Bishops Meeting

March 2024 – Mission and Ministry Commission members presented the Hope25 vision to the National Bishop’s Meeting

April and May 2024 – Hope25 was discussed at many clergy conferences around the country. The website and Facebook pages were launched and sign ups to the mailing list began.

Pentecost Sunday (May 19, 2024) – Hope25 was officially launched across Australia. Many parishes have played the launch video and Hope25 has been featured in many diocesan magazines and newspapers. Parishes can still use the launch pack resources to do their own local launch any time.