Here is a summary page of just some video-based faith proclamation courses that are used in Australian Anglican churches.

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Pilgrim – A Course for the Christian Journey – published by the Church of England

Hymns We Love – a new UK series which uses well-loved hymns to explore the Christian faith with seniors. Each session set in a historic English church.

Christianity Explored – a seven session course based on Mark’s gospel. Developed from All Souls, Langham Place, London.

Chinese Alpha Film Series – a contextualised version of the Alpha Film Series, entirely in Mandarin.

Alpha – the most popular outreach and faith formation course.

Taste And See – an Australian four week course using food to creatively explain the Christian faith.

Hope Explored – a three session course from the creators of Christianity Explored.

Introducing God – an Australian 7 week outreach course. Dominic Steele presents with the aim “Come with me on a walk in my world view.