‘Just do it’ – Keynote Address on Catholic Evangelism

Bishop Philip North from the Diocese of Blackburn in the Church of England has published this address from 2017:

‘Just do it’
A Keynote Address on Catholic Evangelism for Anglican‐Catholic Future

Here is a quote from the article on lifelong evangelism:

When I think about how I became a Christian it is a similar pattern. I took myself to church at the age of 9 because they paid the choirboys, but I never really thought about faith. At 12 I decided to get Confirmed despite opposition from various wings of the
family and at that stage would have said I was a Christian. By 14 I thought faith was a
lot of tosh. When I was 16 an amazing new curate turned up who could make the Gospel
make sense to teenagers. When I was 18 I was deeply moved by some of the preaching
at Greenbelt and made a definite commitment. Where was I converted? The answer is that it was a path – and of course a path that I am still travelling. Conversion is a long string of events in which, like Mary, we say ‘Yes.’ It requires a constant obedience in the same direction.