321 Online Evangelistic Course

Speak Life UK have produced this creative and visual three part introduction to Christianity.

Individuals can create a login to do the course via the website or via phone apps. Churches can also host to do the course in a group format.

Rev Mike Pailthorpe from the parish of Bungendore says: “I love the 321 course for its accessibility and beautiful format, its themes, and how it presents the gospel through Jesus’ vision for life.

The entire course is free and online. From the introduction:

Perspective is everything.
So how do you see life?
321 is a course that invites you to see life the way Jesus does.
Inspired by Jesus’ vision of reality, 321 is designed to help you think about God, the world and yourself through immersive videos and thoughtful illustrations.

The presenter, Glen Scrivener, will be in Australia in August 2024 speaking in the Canberra and Goulburn Diocesan Mission Conference.

Click here to try the 321 course: https://321.speaklife.org.uk/course/321