Hope25 at the Canberra Goulburn May Clergy Conference

Rev Jonathan Holt, Rector of Lanyon Valley Anglican Church, shares this update on Hope25 from the recent Canberra-Goulburn clergy conference:

The Canberra-Goulburn Clergy Conference for 2024 was built around our preparation for Hope25. Over the few days away together we heard from Julie-anne Laird about the prayer and preparation that go hand-in-hand, for followers of Jesus. Julie-anne mentioned her RIPPLE EFFECT course. We also heard from Tracey Matthews about the cultural shifts, especially among younger generations, to think about the opportunities we have to bring a message of hope. Watching the National Church Life Survey Video prepared for the Mission and Ministry Commission of General Synod, to consider how our individual ministry settings might shape the particular approach we take in sharing hope.

We had Bible Studies from Luke 24, from a number of our chaplains, illuminating the hope that flows from the resurrection of Christ Jesus, and the propelling power of receiving this news. A Hope25 team for our Diocese was begun when the call was put out to have a representative from each Archdeaconry serve together to encourage our whole Diocese to get engaged with this opportunity.