Course Review: Hymns We Love

Hymns We Love is a five week UK course that is available for purchase via DVD or digital download from the Good Book Company. The course describes itself in this way:

Hymns We Love is a gentle evangelistic series which uses well-loved hymns to explore the Christian faith with seniors. Each session features a beautifully shot video set in a historic English church, and tells the story of the hymn and the gospel message behind it.

I am running the course in our parish for the second time. It has been well received by adults of all ages, not just seniors!

Each session has some beautiful footage of the English countryside, an interview with a Christian sharing why they enjoy a particular hymn, a congregation sings the hymns, then a multi-media sermon (about 10-15 minutes), then sing-along version of the hymn, followed by some short prayers.

In our parish we started by simply showing the sermon part of the course during our summer Sunday services over January. These were very well received. Soon a home group was formed out of many people who were keen to watch the rest of the episodes.

The entire first session is available on Youtube, you can watch below (the link below begins at the talk):

Each video touches on the hymn author and context, but the majority of the focus is a careful presentation of the Christian faith using images and theological ideas from the hymn.

I’ve never enjoyed singing in small groups until I had run this course. There is something special about discussing not just Christian truths but also engaging the heart through the beauty of timeless hymns.

A highlight for me are the extra episodes – one which covers a Christmas carol and another that can be used around Easter.

Each episode works really well as a stand-alone video, and would work well in one off contexts. e.g.: nursing home service, a fellowship group, or op shop volunteers luncheon.

A full list of the hymns used and episodes is available on the Good Book Company website.